Hi Stampers,
I have been asked to prepare a tutorial on how to tie a bow.  Well, here it is!!!!  I hope this is helpful….leave me a comment and let me know.  Check back tomorrow, I will be posting a card we made utilizing this tutorial.


Copyright by Julie Brancart
Cut a template from a piece of
cardboard 2 ½ x 3 ¼ .   Cut a slit approximately 2 x ½ up the center.  (see photo)

Cut a piece of ribbon about 14” long.  Hold one end of the ribbon against the front of the template and wrap the ribbon completely around the template ending below the ribbon on the front of the template.

Wrap the ribbon to the front of the template and thread through the slit.

Bring the ribbon to the front by pulling it through the bottom of the slit.

Thread the end of the ribbon up and through the loop (by the thumb).  Notice the end of the ribbon is to the right.  (It MUST be going in this direction.)

Lay the template down and place your left thumb on the end of the ribbon on the left. With your ribbon holding the left end down, pull the right end with your right hand.  (Do not pull the left side.)

Take the bow off of the template and insert your thumb and index fingers into the loops and pull ends to adjust and tighten.

As always, thank you for choosing me as your Stampin Up Demonstrator!!

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